Jan 29, 2011

Shake Rattle and Roll XII 2010

Release Date: 25 December 2010
Country: Philippines
Language: Tagalog


A young girl found a dirty doll half-buried in a freshly made grave when she and her elder sister went to the cemetery to visit their deceased mother. She brought the doll home with her. The girl's elder sister became wary of the doll when strange things began to occur, and wanted to get rid of it. But the little girl didn't want to be separated with her newfound "Mama Doll." And when death began to surround them, the elder sister then realized that the "Mama Doll" was possessed, and it had an axe to grind on anyone who wished to separate it from its "daughter."


A group of three female tourists came to an isolated island for a vacation secluded from the outside. No Internet, no cellphone service, no way out but through boat. Unknown to them, the island itself was the home to an "Engkanto" who commanded evil fairies called "Lambana." To make matters worse, the engkanto had set its eyes on one of the girls. And there was nothing that could stop it from getting what it wanted.


Becoming a tutor to two children living right next to a funeral parlor can be a little disturbing at first, but the tutor believed she'd get used to it. But that belief had shattered when she unraveled the secrets concerning the children and the eerie inhabitants of the "punerarya." Curiosity killed the cat, but unfortunately satisfaction might not bring it back. The inhabitants of the place are revealed to be cadaver-eating ghouls, with the "punerarya" used as a front of their devious acts. Can she escape the strange inhabitants before she gets eaten too?


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