Jan 1, 2011

Noy 2010

Release Date:  26 May 2010
Country: Philippines
Language: Tagalog

Rica (Judy Ann Santos) and Cecil (Sarah Geronimo) are sisters who grow up with their Lola Amor (Gina Pareño) while their parents work abroad. Rica takes her role as the big sister seriously, more so when Cecil gets hurt in a minor accident. She breaks up with her boyfriend, Bong (JC de Vera), and vows to devote her life taking care of Cecil.

The close relationship of the sisters starts to change when their parents return home tenyears later. Unlike Cecil, Rica does not warm up to their parents easily. She even gets jealous that they are taking over her role as guardian to Cecil. Things get worse when Cecil starts working and meets Edsel (Luis Manzano). Cecil tries to reach out to her, and tracks down Rica's former sweetheart for her. However, the gap between the sisters has become too wide, and a drastic change has to happen to set things right again.

Forced to find a job as his family's breadwinner, Noy (Coco Martin) poses as journalist commissioned to come up with a documentary following the campaign trail of his namesake and top presidential bet, Sen. "Noynoy" Aquino for 2010 Philippine National Elections. The film, infused with actual documentary footage, inter-cut with dramatic scenes, deals with themes of poverty, survival and hope for the Filipino family.

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